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"Army Strong" to suit your heavy duty labeling needs.

US Army Supplies

Servicing the US Navy since 1970.

US Navy Supplies coming soon...

US Marine Supplies

Industry leader for over 40 years.

US Air Force Supplies coming soon...

US Coast Guard Supplies

Over 50 unique supplies developed to satisfy your needs. From high-temp to chemical resistant, our supplies are tough-tested to withstand harsh environments.

DuraLabel Specialty Supplies DuraLabel Specialty Supplies »

Available for printing unique labels & signs. You can have custom made, multi-color designs, with your corporate logo or whatever else you need on the supply of your choice!

Custom Color Label Service Custom Color Label Service »

With rounded corners, specialty die-cut labels are quick, efficient, and practical for large batch printing. These easy-to-peel labels come in a variety of types and sizes.

Custom Color Label Service DuraLabel Die-Cut Labels »